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Welcome to Sahara Tours!

Special Tour

Only available with US !!!

07-  21 February 2025

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2 Deserts in one program


World Heritage Area and Tassili n'Ajjer National Park


PLATEAU Tssili n'Ajjer 9 DAYS

In the area of fascinating rock forests and rock paintings, dating back to around 8000 BC.

2 days ascent with pack camels to Interdjedite, the base with a Tuareg tent for several days.

5 days of excursions to the rock paintings of

Tissoukai and Tichakalaoun and in the area of Tin Sumit.

2 days descent and return to Djanet


A Toyota car ride into the lower dune landscape of the world heritage area. Visit to the dunes of Moula n'Aga and Timerzuga and the thousands of years old rock engravings and rock paintings from the time when the Sahara was still green.

Our Program

for the Season 2024/25 is online

Have a look and see if there is 

something for

You / Your Loved ones / Your Friends


Finally Relief !!!

When entering Algeria as a tourist.

No more going to the embassy or consulate


Here you can find more info

Tour dates  for the 2024/2025 season

Here are  guaranteed Tours !!!

November 2024

  • 08 Nov - 15 Nov                                                                                

    • 1 week hiking in the impressive and divers                              

    • “North of Djanet” 

    • accompanied by 4-wheel-drives for the luggage

All tours are conducted in small groups with a maximum of 12 participants.

General information can be found here on the website and of course you can contact us by email or WhatsApp

Prices on request. These will be from/to Djanet airport and will NOT include flights. We are very happy to assist you with the flights.


In February 2024, Monika did a tour with 3 other women on the "Tassili n'Ajjer" plateau and a few days in the north of Djanet, accompanied by Tahar.

Here you can read what she experienced

You are the 

center of our attention!

We are a young and highly motivated company. As far as our experiences in the desert, dealing with people and cultures are concerned, we are "old hands". This mix makes us to be the right partner for you.


Haven't you and your dance group always wanted to swap the famous parquet floor for the desert sand under your feet? 

2008-02-25 Tad In0043a.JPG
2008-02-24 Tad In0235a.JPG

How about, for example, doing the sun salutation with your yoga group on a dune at sunrise?

Or swap the classic birthday cake for bread baked in sand and celebrate your very special day with loved ones around the campfire in the middle of the Sahara.


We are open to your ideas and will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied. Of course, we also have the classics in our program and are one of the few organizers in Algeria who still offer camel trekking. Our tours are accompanied by very experienced locals.

No matter whether small groups or larger groups, we offer you excellent quality in order to organize a very special and, above all, individual desert adventure for you.

For us, quality means being a reliable contact for you. To be by your side from preparation to follow-up. We also live an environmentally friendly tourism, because we would like to give your and our children the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Sahara.

Your safety is very important to us. We are in constant contact with the authorities in order to be able to guarantee you this security. To do this, we travel on well-known paths that are approved by the authorities.

Respectful interaction is the basis for our cooperation with you and also within our team. Which leads us to this ... there are no stupid questions ... from any of yours  Questions we can learn to become even better for you and other travelers ...
We would be delighted if we could arouse your interest and look forward to seeing you!

We are here for you!!!

2008-02-23 Tad In0027a.JPG
20181119-ALG Franz-0303.jpg
2008-02-24 Tad In0187a.JPG
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