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Packing list

2008-02-24 Tad In0193a.JPG


  • Travel bag or backpack (ideally 120 liters) suitcases are rather unsuitable


  • small daypack (20-30 lt.)

  • Plastic tarpaulin, emergency blanket or old shower curtain as a place to sleep

  • Sleeping bag warming well (nights in the desert can be cold, especially in Dec., Jan., Feb.)

  • Sleeping bag inlet

  • Sleeping mat according to personal comfort.


  • 1 foam mat and 1 blanket per participant will be provided

  • Water bottle 1-1.5 lt or water bag

  • Thermos flask, for example Flsk, is not only suitable for tea / coffee but also very well for the morning toilet

  • Headlamp, possibly flashlight included. Replacement batteries

  • pocket knife

  • Sunglasses / spare glasses (contact lenses could cause problems in wind and sand)

  • Lighter / matches (for burning toilet paper)

  • small plastic bags to protect against sand for sensitive objects e.g. camera, cell phone etc.


  • Packsacks for clothes and dirty laundry  

  • Foldable wash basin, for example from Ortlieb. Is very suitable for washing feet or the more detailed cat wash

2008-02-20 Tad In0096a.JPG
2008-03-01 Tad In0062a.JPG


  • Headgear such as a cap, headscarf or 
    Schesch: traditional 6-10m long length of fabric. Covered
    the head, neck and neck can be purchased locally in the market. 3m is enough.

  • Shawl

  • 3 long comfortable cotton trousers or trekking trousers. Women should avoid shorts. Traditional clothing can be purchased on site

  • 1 warm windbreaker / ski jacket  

  • Hat and gloves important from Dec.-Feb.

  • 1 fleece jacket or sweater

  • 2-3 short and long-sleeved shirts / blouses also depend on the time of year

  • 3-4 short and long-sleeved T-shirts  

  • underwear

  • Pajamas

  • 1 pair of socks / week. Warm socks for the evening

it's better to take a pair of socks with you, because walking barefoot is unfavorable due to pecking parts of the plant, then prefer sock feet. E.g. Smartwool

  • 1 pair of sturdy shoes, e.g. sneakers, trekking shoes, well worn for walking / trekking

  • 1 pair of sturdy sandals. Shoes that you can quickly slip into and out of, for storage or short distances. For example crocks or the like  

  • 1 towel / cotton wrap. Also suitable as a mat, bath towel, protection against wind and sun

  • handkerchiefs 


  • Soap / liquid soap, suitable for body, hair and clothing, is also available in the outdoor shop in leaf form

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • Floss

  • Mouthwash

  • brush

  • Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor

  • Skin lotion

  • Foot cream

  • Lip pomade with sun protection factor

  • Disposable washcloths or kitchen towels that can be burned easily

  • Wet wipes also for washing cats as a shower substitute

  • Toilet paper

  • Ladies hygiene items

  • Bread paper bags for disposing of daily waste. Burns very well too

2008-02-24 Tad In0208a.JPG
2008-02-28 Tad In0084a.JPG

Travel pharmacy


  • personal medication

  • Medication:

    • Painkiller

    • diarrhea

    • Vomit

    • fever

    • Cold / cough / nasal spray / nasal ointment

    • Eye drops (if irritated by wind and sand)

    • Voltaren ointment

    • Bandages / plasters / blister plasters

    • Mosquito repellent e.g. anti-hum

Photographic equipment

  • Camera + lenses, compact camera, mobile phone

  • Rechargeable batteries, batteries

  • Charger, power bank, possibly solar charging panel

2008-02-24 Tad In0016a.JPG
2008-02-19 Tad In0288a.JPG


  • E.g. cereal bars, bonbons, dried fruit

  • at its own discretion

Writing notebook


  • Plane ticket

  • possibly train ticket  

  • Passport including visa

  • ID card

  • Money:

    • Tips (preferably in €)

    • Security bag for money and documents

    • for personal expenses (€ can be changed at the airport in Algiers)

    • Cash (preferably in €) to pay for travel arrangements on site

  • for personal needs:

    • phrasebook

    • writing utensils

    • notebook

    • travel Guide 

    • a book

    • Knitting

2008-02-21 Tad In0044a.JPG
2008-02-20 Tad In0311a.JPG

This equipment list was created from the experience of many desert trips and serves only as recommendations and does NOT claim to be complete

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