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A trip to the desert is not a package holiday as you can book it with the well-known major travel agencies.

A trip to the desert is still a bit of an adventure and for this adventure you should bring a certain curiosity and openness with you.

Curiosity about culture, about landscape.

What does it do to you to be outside in nature 24 hours a day?

To be exposed to the fresh air, the sun and the wind?

What is it like to do without the daily shower?

What is it like to wake up with the sun and maybe do without the watch, cell phone, telephone, internet?

What is it like to let yourself be carried away by the natural daily rhythm? How will it be to rock on a camel's back through a landscape of sand, stones and rocks and possibly even lead the camel yourself?

Or how does it feel to walk over soft, sometimes hard, sometimes fine, sometimes coarse-grained sand or to climb over stones or entire rocks?

How will it be to be woken up in the morning by the smell of the campfire and the kiss of the sun?

What are my thoughts?

Which senses are addressed and how?

What does it matter to you to see little green and the predominant colors are beige, yellow, brown, orange?

These are just a few ideas to deal with mentally and a little bit of what to expect on your trip.

Your flexibility is required, because sometimes things turn out very differently than you think or how you imagined. Quite simply because a program has to be changed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Since you are dealing with a different culture and a Muslim religion, with people you do not yet know, be it the team that accompanies you or the other fellow travelers, the ability to work in a team but also tolerance is required from each participant.


Because not only one road leads to Rome, but many ... and it is the same with other cultures ... they think differently, approach things differently, solve challenges differently than you might do yourself. Let yourself be drawn into the new, the different, the unfamiliar and the strange.

Basically, our tours are not “hotel vacations” and most of the time you will sleep in a different place every night. For you, this means there is no shower, there is no fluffy bed ... you can set up your own bed every evening, cuddle up in your warm sleeping bag in the evening and pack everything up again every morning so that you can unpack it again for the next night's camp. You may not have access to your main luggage during the day ... so you should calculate carefully what is important to you for the day and what you want to have with you in your daypack. There will be no table or chair. You will sit on a carpet in our “salon” on the floor and have your meals there. Your thick jacket, blanket and a campfire will be your heater.

We invite you to

to embark on this adventure with us.


The physical requirements depend heavily on what kind of tour you would like to do with us.


On a tour by car , you do not have a lot of exercise because you are in the car most of the time, possibly for several hours. A normal level of fitness, which you basically need for a round trip, is also completely sufficient here.


Take a tour with the camel , sit on the camel for several hours every day. On the one hand, it would be good if you are so fit that you, with our help,  get on a camel  and that your back, legs and knees can withstand the movements of riding.


If you decide on a trekking tour, you should be able to walk well and be so fit that you can walk 3-4 hours in the morning and another 2-3 hours in the afternoon.


In general, a stable cycle is an advantage. You will be in the fresh air all day and the climate is different from what you know from Central Europe.


Basically, you should be sure-footed. Because no matter which tour you choose, you will run through sand, stones and rocks and if it's only in the camp or the toilet.


Talk to us ,

because our aim is to put together a suitable tour for everyone and every age. We regularly have guests who are well over 60. 

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  • Passport, valid for at least 6 months

  • "Application form for regularization visa"​​

  • here for download 

  • Submission to agency 4 Weeks before departure with a copy of the passport

  • After processing by the authorities in Algeria you will receive from us                                                                "Authorization d'Embarquement/Boarding Authorization"

  • When entering Algiers, present the following documents

    • Passport​

    • "Authorisation d'Embarquement"

    • Immigration card (received from us or on the flight to Algeria)

  •  You will receive a visa on site, which you will also have to pay for on site (the price depends on the length of your stay)

  • Flight ticket and depending on the place of departure, train ticket

  • We are currently not aware of any vaccinations being required (as of February 2024) 

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