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The desert myth is unbroken

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For centuries, the Sahara has drawn Europeans like a magnet. Daring women and men
Many European nations set out for the most varied of motives on the arduous and dangerous journey to unveil the secrets of the desert.

The first few - if they could afford it - probably drove a thirst for adventure and a thirst for knowledge, coupled with the urge for personal freedom and independence, into the distance.

Others hungered for fame: as explorers, geographers and naturalists or just they were looking for treasure. Still others were on the road on behalf of scientific institutes or magazines. Including those on the hunt for sensations of all kinds in order to satisfy the hunger of the local readership for sensations of all kinds. In addition, those who felt called to spread their faith not only among the people in the desert, but also in the countries that should lie behind it ...

And not to forget the kind of travelers who roamed the Sahara on behalf of their governments: in search of new sales markets for the local economy, paired with the intention to colonize the explored areas later.

Much has changed since then ...
The large caravans that regularly crossed the sea of sand on routes only familiar to the locals disappeared. They were replaced by trucks, buses and automobiles, which now reduced the great distances within the Sahara from months to days on paved tracks and well-developed roads. In addition, there were airlines that connect the main locations with each other.
Forgotten are the king of the desert and the leopards, who threatened the life and limb of travelers. This also applies to the warnings in some travel guides at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries to limit yourself to the military roads when traveling in the Sahara beyond the Atlas and to seek military protection or even yourself if you deviate from them to arm.

... but one thing has stayed the same as always ...

- The desert still awakens the feeling of freedom ... a freedom ... as far as the eye can see.
- The sun still rises blood-red over the horizon every day and drives away the cold of the night.

- The ever-blowing wind still sweeps over dunes and rugged rocks, relieves the glow of the sun wandering across a blue cloudless sky and gently hums people to sleep.

- The desert still grants us the grandiose spectacle of the setting sun and rewards us with the refreshing coolness of the evening.
- The stars still shine like sparkling gemstones in the majestic canopy and give us a silence that is not loneliness.

- The allure of the Sahara still persists and invites you to marvel at its fascinating landscapes and testimonies from prehistoric times, be it on foot, on the back of a desert ship or on board a car ...

                                                                                         Text: E. Fehlau

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We do not make any fixed specifications regarding the program and dates, it is much more important for us to respond to the wishes of our customers and put together a very individual and flexible program for you, your families, children and friends.


We look forward to speaking with you, from the following options your personal


Desert dream trip

put together.


When it comes to the length of your trip, we are happy to cater to you.


As long as we have already planned trips and these correspond to your ideas , you are of course cordially invited to join these groups


Tour dates season 2024/2025

October 2024

  • 04 Oct - 11 Oct      

    • 1 week hiking on the World Heritage Plateau

    •  “Tassili n’Ajjer”  

    •  accompanied by pack donkeys 


  • 18 Oct - 01 Nov     

    • 2 weeks hiking in the  impressive and divers

    •  “North von Djanet”

    • accompanied by pack camels


November 2024

  • 08 Nov - 15 Nov                                                        Guaranteed Tour

    • 1 week hiking in the  beautiful 

    •  “Tadrart”

    • accompanied by 4-wheel-drives for the luggage 


  • 22 Nov - 29 Nov    

    • 1 week hiking on the World Heritage Plateau

    • “Tassili n’Ajjer”  

    •   accompanied by pack donkeys 


January 2025

  • 03 Jan - 17 Jan      

    • weeks hiking in the  impressive and divers

    • “North von Djanet”

    •  accompanied by pack camels


  • 24 Jan - 31 Jan      

    • 1 week hiking in the  beautiful

    •  “Tadrart” 

    • accompanied by 4-wheel-drives for the luggage 


February 2025

  • 07 Feb - 21 Feb      

    • weeks hiking, of that:

      • 1 week hiking in the  beautiful

      • “Tadrart”

      • accompanied by 4-wheel-drives for the luggage 

      • weeks hiking in the  impressive and divers

      • “Norden von Djanet”

      • accompanied by pack camels


  • 28 Feb - 07 März    

    • weeks hiking in the  impressive and divers

    • “Norden von Djanet”

    • accompanied by 4-wheel-drives for the luggage 


March 2025

  • 14 March - 21 March  

    • week hiking in the  beautiful

    •  “Tadrart”

    • accompanied by 4-wheel-drives for the luggage


  • 28 March - 04 April     

    • 1 week hiking on the World Heritage Plateau  

    • “Tassili n’Ajjer”

    • accompanied by pack donkeys  


April 2025

  • 11 April - 18 April    

    • 1 week Family trip with four-wheel drive vehicles and relaxed walks 

    • in the  beautiful "Tadrart”


All tours can be adapted to the wishes of the entire group

Planning of the program is based on flight connections

of the winter flight schedule 2023/2024 from Frankfurt - Djanet.

The beginning and end of the tours will be adapted to the arrivals and departures

of  the 2024/2025 winter flight schedules.

If your dream-date is not included in these dates, we will plan your trip INDIVIDUALLY.

Regions of the 

Nationalpark "Tassili n'Ajjer"

North of Djanet

The north of Djanet impresses with its alternation of sand dunes, varied Rock formations and dry wadis.

The advantage of this area is its closeness to Djanet. Tours can be started almost on your doorstep.


As already mentioned in the name, this Region is located in the north of Djanet between the "Erg Admer" in the west and the plateau "Tassilli n'Ajjer" in the east


We do trekking-tours in this area accompanied by 4x4 vehicles or pack-camels

Plateau "Tassili n'Ajjer"

The plateau "Tassili n'Ajjer" is a World Heritage and its Highlights are Rock-paintings which are up to 10,000 years old.


Special highlight are the Valley of the Cypresses, the complex of Sefar as well as the complex of Jabbaren 

The location

The plateau is located in the east of Djanet and is reached after a drive of around 1 hour. From there it goes over a few passes up to an altitude of 1500 - 1600 meters


We do trekking-tours on the plateau accompanied by pack mules

02 mit Auto


Tadrart means “red” and thus describes the predominant color of the sand.

The area impresses with the alternation of sand, stones and rocks.

As a very special Highlight should be mentioned the dunes of "Moul n'Aga" and"Tin Merezouga" 

The location

Tadrart is a good 4 hour drive away Southeast from Djanet.


We do trekking-tours accompanied by 4x4 vehicles in Tadrart

Our Tours

01 mit Packkamelen
20181120-ALG Franz-0459.jpg

Trekkingtour with

  • Every participant will be hiking


  • All the material, such as the participants' luggage, kitchen, groceries, etc. will be carried with pack camels


  • The distances are designed for pure hiking

20181119-ALG Franz-0134.jpg

Trekkingtours accompanied by

  • Every participant will be hiking


  • All of the material, except for your personal daypack, is transported by car to the respective storage areas


  • The distances are designed for pure hiking


  • Due to the distribution of space in the car, we recommend a minimum of 5 people

20181121-ALG Franz-0606.jpg

Tour with 4x4 vehicles

  • The advantage of these tours is that larger distances can be recorded.


  • A stop is made at sights and walks are offered as it suits the program


  • The entire material is carried in the car


  • Due to the distribution of space in the car, we recommend a minimum of 5 people


Tours with riding camels

  • Each participant gets their own riding camel. 

  • All material, such as participants' luggage, kitchen, food, etc., is transported by off-road vehicle or pack camels.

  • One riding camel and one pack camel are taken into account per participant. The pack camels are available to the entire group.

  • A small daypack can be attached to the camel saddle.

  • The distances on the tours with riding camels are designed so that riding is primarily carried out and hiking is only carried out rarely.

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