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About us 



CEO of Agency

Tahar was born in Djanet and grew up there. His mother comes from a long-established family from Djanet, while his ancestors on his father's side come from today's Niger, who were among other things caravan drivers.


It can be assumed that these Tahar gave his excellent sense of direction.

After graduating from school and doing his military service, he got into tourism. Over many years he has gained experience in different agencies in different positions, in order to then develop his own style, which he now implements as a freelancer. His absolute organizational talent helps him with this.

Over the years he got to know many people and cultures ... from his home country, from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy. but not only from Europe, but also from China, for example.

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Many of these customers became friends who invited him, so that he was able to get to know the "Touri" not only as a tourist in the desert, but also in his everyday life in their home country, such as France, Switzerland and Germany, and thus got the opportunity over to look beyond the "edge of the plate".

In addition to his mother tongue Tamahaq, Tahar also speaks Arabic, French and German.


All these experiences make it possible for him to adapt perfectly to his customers. Often he knows in front of the customer what the customer might want.

The well-being of each individual is important to him. With his charm and wit, he always manages to integrate everyone into the group.

With Tahar you are in the right hands.


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It was the starry sky

It was when I was wondering which beautiful trip I would like to give myself for my 40th birthday. I thought of sun, beach and palm trees ... Then I got into conversation with a friend who told me about the breathtaking starry sky in the desert of Egypt ... and that's exactly what I wanted too !!
And so the sun, beach and palm trees disappeared from my thoughts. Instead, I scoured the internet in search of agencies and information about desert travel.

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In February 2008 the time had finally come. With my aunt in tow and some other participants, we went to Algeria for a 2-week camel trek in the Tadrart. I fell in love with my camel, I fell in love with the starry sky and I fell in love with the desert.

I actually wanted to go back to the desert in 2010, but unfortunately nothing came of it. In 2011, we spontaneously went camel trekking to Morocco. In February 2012 my dream came true: three weeks of pure desert ... just the starry sky and me, each accompanied by a guide, camel driver, cook and interpreter, as I spoke neither Arabic nor French at the time.

It was on this tour that I met Tahar. He was part of the group that regularly supplied the five of us with provisions and stayed with us. We spent the evening by the campfire with Tuareg tea, music and singing, outshined by a beautiful full moon. Tahar was one of the musicians.
In September 2012 my next trip to Algeria was due. In the meantime with a few French skills in my luggage, which at least went so far that I could make myself understood. This time Tahar was there the whole time and a friendship developed from that. At the end of the tour I invited him to Germany. He came for the first time in the summer of 2013. Since then he has spent three months each summer in Germany and Europe and I have traveled regularly to Algeria.

In the meantime I have made a few other deserts or parts of the Sahara unsafe and gained my experience with various organizers. I was twice more in Morocco, Tunisia, Chad, Namibia, Jordan on the trail of “Lawrence of Arabia” and in the Taklamakan in China.

The area around Djanet, where we offer our tours, is and will remain my “home desert” for me. The longer Tahar and I knew each other, the more the idea grew that we could work together to offer tours into the desert.
In 2020 the time had finally come: the agency was officially registered in Algeria! Tahar takes over the whole organization and formalities in Algeria and I take care of finding interested parties, informing them, motivating them and helping with the organization from here.

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As a flight attendant, I have to deal with many people and different cultures and I can adapt well to passengers. One of my favorite mottos in my work as a flight attendant, which I would also like to implement here - is: “Attention to detail”.

Let me know what you would like to experience in the desert. What should your trip to the desert look like? What are your motivations for going to the desert? What concerns can I address? What can I do for you so that you can set out to experience this truly breathtaking starry sky? My goal is to organize your trip (with our possibilities) as individually as possible ... with a love of detail.

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