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General itinerary

Travel for example from Frankfurt to Algiers with Lufthansa or Air Algerie

At the airport in Algiers there is the possibility of paying for personal  Expenses to switch


Late in the evening domestic flight from Algiers to Djanet with Air Algerie

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1 day

Arrival in Djanet early in the morning

Overnight at hotel  

for a tour of 2 weeks or more in the morning or a whole day in Djanet

Visit the market where you can buy a Cheich (traditional turban)

Possibly visiting interesting places in Djanet (Djanet is the size of a small town and is growing)

It can be repacked as required. What is not needed for the trip can be safely stored in Djanet 

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2 day

Start of the tour:

Depending on the booking, by camel , car or trekking

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3rd day

  • Return to Djanet

  • Farewell to the team

  • have a shower

  • Repacking

  • if there is enough time and if you wish, last purchases

  • Dinner

  • Late in the evening drive to the airport

Penultimate day

Early in the morning domestic flight from Djanet to Algiers

Onward flight, depending on your home airport, e.g. with Lufthansa or Air Algerie to Frankfurt

Last day

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Daily Itinerary 

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Get up with the sun ...


often one is woken up by the smell of the campfire

Stand up

For breakfast around 8:00 am there is

  • Coffee, tea

  • baguette

  • Butter, jam, possibly honey, cheese spread

The luggage should be ready packed for breakfast and brought to the "salon" (dining area)




3-4 hours of camel trekking , trekking or traveling by car



Arrive at the camp for lunch


Lunch around 12: 00-1: 00 p.m.

mostly some kind of salad. As long as possible there is fresh salad combined with rice, tuna, eggs, corn, beetroot, potatoes

Baguette is served with it



20180120-ALG 50B-Day-0172.jpg

... and at the end there is the traditional Tuareg tea



Siesta until around 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


means you have free time to relax, read, explore the area around the campsite, take photos, etc.

Basically, it goes on for another 2 hours to camp for the night.

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Arrival at the night camp

It is advisable to get a bed as early as possible ...

20181123-ALG Franz-0979.jpg

... to choose and, if necessary, to set up a tent so that you don't have to do it when it is already dark

Night camp


If you want, you can help with the construction and furnishing of the salon



Afterwards there is coffee / tea and snacks and free time until dinner is ready.




soup is always served ...


... followed by e.g. pasta,          Vegetable ragout, lentils, cosucous

Baguettes are also served for dinner


...  Finally there is the traditional Tuareg tea 

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The traditional bread baked in sand (taguella) is served about once per tour. 


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Cozy to be together


Be together

Depending on the duration and planning of the tour, the lunch camp is also the night camp and the afternoon is free. For this purpose, an attempt is made to find an interesting scenic spot and a walk is offered for the afternoon, in which one can take part on a voluntary basis.

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all processes are non-binding and can be flexibly redesigned depending on the situation

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